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For nearly 40 years, Fairchild has been blazing the trail for the document filing and retrieval industry on a global scale. “Record Search, Ltd.” was founded in 1980 in Portland, Oregon and then incorporated in June of 1981.  A descriptive corporate name word was required in the State of Oregon, and Fairchild struck the founder as a solid, professional, trustworthy name.  Fairchild Record Search, Ltd. was born. To this day, our UCC client’s will often say, “I need a Fairchild” when referring to a UCC search.

A second office was opened in Olympia, Washington in 1982.  Records at the State of Oregon in Salem were computerized, enabling Fairchild to work remotely, so the founder closed the Portland office and moved to Washington’s State Capitol, Olympia in 1983.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was adopted in 1952 to harmonize perfection of a security interest and other commercial transactions in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Guam. Pre-internet, access of records and photocopies were not available online, ergo search and filing companies were established to provide a source for commercial transaction clientele, providing a faster response than direct mail to State and County offices. Fairchild filled this need along with correspondent commercial needs such as county filing and search, corporate document filing and retrieval in a myriad of services relating to consumer and commercial transactions. Fairchild was on the ground floor of the industry and is proud to say that nearly 40 years later, client retention has been remarkable due to exceptional customer service, affordability and our heart-felt desire to make you, our client, look good.

Today, many records are available online but the searching metrics are variable from one jurisdiction to another, in spite of the “Uniform” implication in UCC. Clients rely on Fairchild to know the distinguishing search procedures. As a client, you know that expedited return on requests is the reason to turn to Fairchild. Exceeding expectations is our foremost goal.

We’re at your service.

About The Founder

Renee C. Ries founded Fairchild Record Search in 1980. Ries hails from Freeman, South Dakota, and is an alumna of St. Martin’s University in Lacey, WA, where she studied English Literature.

An avid philanthropist and supporter of the Arts, Ries serves on numerous Boards of Directors in Thurston County, and volunteers her time for many local fundraising events. Ries is a Past President and a current Board Member of the Olympia Symphony Orchestra, and a member of the Downtown Olympia Rotary Club. She is on the SMU President’s Council, and the University of Washington Advisory Committee for the School of Music. She also participates in the Arts Alliance of Downtown Olympia and is a trustee for the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce. Ries was named “Woman of Influence” by the Business Examiner in 2010. Fairchild is the proud recipient of “Small Business of the Year 2012”, awarded by the Thurston Economic Development Council.

She is an active member of the National Public Records Retriever Network as well as the National Federation of Independent Business.