Routine Corporate Document Filing Now Available.

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We now offer routine service for filing(s) at the office of the Washington Secretary of State Corporation Division (SOS). Filings will be hand-carried to the SOS office, and will not require the $50.00 statutory fee that is charged by the division for expedited filings.

Routine service turnaround time is generally 2 weeks or more, depending on the state’s workload. If a filing is rejected, we will not be notified until the state has processed the filing. Additionally, the original date of submission is no longer in effect. At any time prior to processing you may upgrade your filing(s) to an expedited basis for the additional statutory fee of $50.00 per filing. The change to expedite must be executed through Fairchild. We will advance the expedite fee and bill you for that fee upon completion of the filing processing.

*Our standard fee for filing still applies on routine service, but statutory fees must be advanced by you or your client. This service may not be available in other states based upon their policies. Please call for details.