Washington State Raises District Courts Civil Case $$ Limit Starting 07/24/15.

The state legislature recently increased the civil jurisdictional limit for District Courts from $75,000 to $100,000. The effective date is July 24, 2015.
Senate Bill 5125, which amends RCW 3.66.020, can be viewed at:
Superior Court is the court of general jurisdiction with jurisdiction for felony matters, real property rights, domestic relations, estate, mental illness, juvenile, and civil cases over $75,000 but soon to be $100,000. District Courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor violations, and civil cases under $75,000, but soon to be $100,000 on July 24, 2015.
This law will actually affect Municipal courts as well since per RCW 3.66.020:
“…(10) Proceedings to civilly enforce any money judgment entered in any municipal court or municipal department of a district court organized under the laws of this state;…”

Information courtesy of Mike Sankey- BRB Publications