House Bill 2986 Update!!!

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HB 2986 Update:

From Patrick Reed of the Washington Secretary of State’s Office:
There is now a 3rd version that has been submitted under yet another bill number.
This bill is slightly different, and contains many drafting errors, but is listed as emergency and can be heard with limited notice. It’s possible it could be brought to vote without public hearing. Because of the way its structured, it may not be subject to timelines or committee cutoffs.
HB 2986 leaves annual reports and processing at the Secretary of State, but it adds the $11 on all entities including nonprofit corporations, that $11 (about $5,000,000 a year) is then transferred to Department of Revenue to be used on other DOR services. The bill also appears to have several drafting errors including redirecting ALL funds from the Corporations Division to Department of Revenue leaving the Corporations Division unfunded.
You have all been a strong and influential voice in the previous attempts to protect your customers interest, here is your opportunity to send the same strong message. This time it is in a different committee, here are the contacts in addition to your local legislators.